Technology Development:  Soap Film based Artificial Photosynthesis

The worlds energy demand of 15 Trillion Watts is going to double by 2050. We need clean energy and clearly an answer is the SUN ! The best way to store the solar energy is through fuels – approximately 70 times more energy dense than the best battery.

Producing renewable solar fuels by Artificial Photosynthesis (AP) is globally recognized as a promising solution to modern energy and environmental crisis. AP is a scheme for capturing and storing the abundant energy from sunlight in the chemical bonds of a solar fuel like Hydrogen or Methanol.  Although the basic concepts of AP are established, there are challenges like durability, scale-up costs and fuel-oxygen separation.

We target a radical breakthrough in AP, exploiting the intriguing properties of a soap bubble. Our approach is designed to solve the above major challenges through simple cheap and tuneable soap films that bio-mimics thylakoid membrane in leafs.

We are engaged in R&D with our collaborators while developing administrative and market infrastructure in parallel. The long-term vision is to impact world economy through green energy production and to provide the common platform of a seminal technology to the energy and detergent industries, where their existing worldwide infrastructure can be exploited to kick start new ventures and satisfy a vast international market potential. Critical environmental impact is expected as our technology is devoted to transform a major greenhouse gas – CO2, into useful product (fuel) while releasing oxygen into the atmosphere as the only process by-product.

Patent Pending
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