1. Uppsala University (Sweden): Prof. Leif Hammarström 
  2. Dresden University of Technology (Germany)
  3. University of Leiden (Netherlands): Prof. Sylvestre Bonnet
  4. AMOLF (Netherlands): Prof. Huib Bakker
  5. University of Padua: Marcella Bonchio
  6. International Center for Theoretical Physics (Italy): Dr. Ali Hassanali
  7. Politecnico di Torino (Italy): Prof. Eliodoro Chiavazzo 
  8. ACMIN: AGH University (Poland): Prof. Konrad Szaciłowski
  9. Microfluidic ChipShop (Germany): Dr. Holger Baker
  10. Teclis Scientific(France)
  11. Nicky Assmann (Netherlands)

Human Sources

Advisory Board

  1. Martin Zaimov (Banking Sector, Bulgaria)
  2. Julian Popov (Environmental and Sociopolitical Domain)
  3. Simeon Stoyanov ( Science and Industry Sector)


A crowdfunding Campaign generated a seed fund of $5680 through 90 donations over 20 days. The campaign was interrupted midway due to technical and policy complications at the crowdfunding host platform.

We have used the seed donations for 1. Protecting the IP through a Bulgarian patent and 2. For developing communication video Stop motion animation (Coming soon).

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